Date: 25 maart 2018 van 11.00 – 17.00 uur 

Description of Tutorial Program
By Tashi Norbu and Team
of the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art, Emmen, The Netherlands

Tashi Norbu is an independent -Tibetan born- contemporary artist with the Belgian citizenship who lives and works in The Netherlands. He is educated as a traditional Tibetan thangka painter at the offices of the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India. He completed his art studies in the western world at the Saint Lucas Academy of Visual Arts in Ghent, Belgium.
In the meantime, Tashi Norbu, has been developed into an allround and versatile contemporary Artist. His art, however, still shows the fundamentals/basics of his background – Tibet and Buddhism – combined with strong influences from western art forms, western ideas and modern time’s icons.

11:00 to 11:15 – Introduction to the Tibetan Classical style of painting a Buddha and a Tibetan Mandala by Tashi Norbu – In Tibetan Monasteries and Art schools, when a Thangka Painter starts painting, Tibetan buddhist Rituals and reciting mantras are performed. Here in Heart House, the Tibetan Artists will do the same performance. The meaning of this is to bless Buddha’s image, having a success for the process of the creation.

Not everyone can afford to buy Tashi’s paintings, but durning this session, you can create one of your own, for your house under Tashi’s and his Team guidance and collaboration. That day, you will choose the color of the Painting you wish for your house or your practice room, yoga centre and so forth. This workshop will guarantee that at the end of the day you will go back home with a beautiful painting.

11:15 – 14:00 completion of the sketches, any background and drawings
14:00 – 14:30 Snack break
14:30 – 17:00 painting process.
Tashi will also write OM AH HUM on the painting of the buddha which means BODY, SPEECH and MIND or any other spiritual words you might wish. This is according to Tibetan Buddhist scriptures.

At the end of the Tutorial course, a closing ceremony  with Tibetan rituals will be performed to bless the paintings which will be real embodiment of the buddha himself. So that if you use the painting later to meditate, the image will have the presence of Buddha.
Tibetans believe that the blessings to a painting and the writing of the Tibetan Buddhist scriptures (sutras) are necessary in order to avoid the hanging around spirits and ghosts which might try to find a place to hide themselves behind these Images or around the space (more explanations can be given during the session).

Mandala of Compassion Workshop description:
Mandalas are the great symbols of Tibetan Buddhism which represent the whole universe. During the creation of a Mandala, Tibetan monks were developing their compassion for the benefits of all sentient beings. Aim of the workshop is to introduce the participants into the world of mandala, its structure and symbolism. The Mandalas which all participants will draw, would reflect their internal values and their purpose in life.

Basic Buddha structure:
In Tibetan Buddhism, each representation of a Buddha has its specific structure. Each part of the body is based on prescribed geometry which ensures that the representation reflects peace and internal harmony. The aim of this workshop is to introduce and explain the rules of Buddha’s representation and help every participant to draw his/her own Buddha in a modern specific way.

Venue: Heart House
Materials and investment: You have to choose the size of the canvas/painting that you wish to create for your space. This can be of the following dimensions approx. Fees/prices are inclusive
50 x 40 cm; 70 euros
70 x 50 cm; 95 euros
70 x 100 cm; 125 euros
100 x 1,50 cm; 175 euros
1,50 x 1,50 cm; 200 euros

You will have to register ten days ahead
The materials will be purchased by us and all above mentioned prices include the canvases, painting stuff/materials and delicacies during the break. So you will have nothing to carry with you.